The Apathy Monster*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Get it tomorrow here

Am I dumb??I dont get it

I don’t get the dude with the mohawk

that makes 3 of us.

Definitely like the design, not so sure about the color. This will be tough…

So glad this one got third - congrats!!!

apathy towards this shirt

awesome… wifey will be very happy about this one!

The monster is cute but I could pass on the little person on the right.

If it were just the monster, and more centered, and a better color…
I would have bought it by now.

But I’m on the fence as is.

This shirt just screams:



I agree with this shirt…

Sweet shirt… first time I’ve ever bought all three Derby winners!

In for one!

Sweet job dekonstruct… you have a great style, I think you’ll go far on shirt.woot

Congrats. I feel your design really fits the derby theme. Nice!

Congrats! This is the one I was rooting for the hardest! Two purchases from this derby alone.

Hah, I really don’t know how to feel about this shirt. It’s nice… but I don’t think it’s not for me.

Maybe tomorrow, Woot. Maybe tomorrow.:stuck_out_tongue:

UGH! I LOVE the monster, not the color. My boyfriend says I have too many woot shirts and don’t need a monster! Always need monsters! Damn! May have to wait till he falls asleep!

So… you think it is for you?

Haha I like it! Apathetic indeed.