The Art Of Nicolas Obery

As much as I hate to be “that guy”, why out of all the product pictures, would woot! not engage the magnified view feature for this art? Being able to discern the details painstakingly created by the artist might sway the 'ol “buy” trigger finger.

^^^ My first thoughts, exactly!

This is art?

Eye of the beholder, I guess. You couldn’t pay me to hang this on my wall.

Immediate first thoughts and what I came here to say haha

I’ll second that!

I had to check the calendar to be sure this wasn’t an April Fool’s joke. Not sure I’ve ever seen anything so horribly ugly.

It’s all in the eye of the beholder. I find them darkly fascinating. And seems to be a true value for this art.

I found theCurioos site where these designs (and others) can be viewed in detail.

This other site lists it as: Fine art stretched canvas, 450gsm matt white finish, 100% cotton. Hand stretched over 1.5” deep wood stretcher bars (3/4” for XS). Includes wall hanging hardware. Manually numbered (limited to 50), signed, and shipped with a certificate of authenticity. A 20 x 30 gallery wrap runs ya $255.00.

I really wish some of these were in color, especially the Deer-fish in the forest one. While, I’mcaptivated the Monroe, I somehow don’t think it’s something Norman Jean would approve of.

Yeah. I’d say grotesque, though that’s not a negative for some viewers.

Hey Woot, I see what you did here

Remember the velvet painting’s of the dogs playing cards?


C.M. Coolidge - 4 Aces and His Station

Tsk, Tsk, “I don’t know much about art, but I know what I like” echoes down the halls of Woot.

Nice, point made, crappy “art” always around. Thank you.

Art should at least be enjoyable or thought-provoking…not vomit-inducing.

I have black-light posters from 1969 that are more artistic than these! (And worth quite a bit on ebay these days!)


  • 1 on the magnified view. I would say from the comments that the artist certainly engaged the viewers and evoked an emotional response. Isn’t that the true goal of any art?

If you’re allowed a magnified view, that means a high res source can be downloaded and duplicated, cutting out the middlewoot.

…If one were playing devil’s advocate.

Maybe not, but Norma Jeane might have been okay with it.

Is anyone else creeped out by these things? I know I am.

For me, it’s not so much the “art” itself (eye of the beholder, and all that), but the idea that anyone would hang any of these on a wall in their home.

Maybe in a very special rec room…