The Art of the Kitchen

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Ok, nevermind… I thought I bought this same Cuisinart toaster oven. But I didn’t. Sorry. That being said, having convection is pretty nice and helps with cooking speed (which is already a nice side aspect of having a toaster oven in the first place). So this looks like a pretty sweet deal.

I have the 14-cup food processor, and I love it (it was 1 of those things I originally thought “who the heck needs this???”) Right until I started using the thing.
I use it to puree (things like pumpkin, lentils, etc), to make thinly sliced fruit, to grate cheese or veggies. Very versatile, powerful, and cuts down on prep time immensely. It also has enough safety features that I almost never worry about losing a digit or two whenever I use it.

Why does woot always show a woman in kitchen pictures?

those pictures are provided to us.
it is true that quite often, our photographers take pictures of products, but humans aren’t featured in those images. legos occasionally, but not humans.

to pursue answers about this, you might contact the brands/manufacturers directly & share your concerns about their use of women in photo shoots.

or, if it’s geographically feasible, you could save yourself the time and just go directly to a swamp and wade in it.

I’m 26. My mother has had that pan set (+/-, a few different ones and with metal lids, but same brand/same materials) for as long as I can remember. It has stood up admirably to two kids + husband-who-should-be-banned-from-kitchen putting them in the dishwasher, soaking them for days because we are too lazy to clean them right away, using metal implements, and otherwise abusing them. And being shipped across country by incompetent movers several times.

I’m pestering my husband that we should get this. Otherwise I’ll have to fight my brother for them when mom dies.

Was looking for a toaster oven… any chance of “sold out” being removed? :slight_smile:

I have a cuisinart food processor and it works very well. I’ve had it for years and it has held up to abuse. My only complaint is that the interior hole that slides over the center (where the blade is) is rather short, so that while the processor has a large capacity, liquids will still overflow the center hole.

I picked up the 14 piece pot and pan set the last time it was offered. All I’ll say is IT ROCKS!! If you need pans, get them. You won’t be disappointed.

Anyone tried the coffeemaker?


Just got the 14 piece last time around. Very attractive. Love the 4 qt. “everything” pot, not seeing that in other sets. The lid from the stock pot fits on the 10 in. skillet and the lid from the 3 qt. fits on the 8 in. skillet! Perfectly! Find that in another set. I recently priced Calphalon and others at Kohl’s, over $300 for similar set.

Does the red one talk to you and ask you if you want various baked goods?

Top 10 possible answers to this important question:

  1. Because women are tastier than men
  2. Because her smile would persuade me to buy anything, even the cutting board which is not even for sale (at least for this Woot)
  3. Because she happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time (btw, if she happens to be single and in completely the wrong place, like NYC for instance, can I have her number?)
  4. Because she’s the girlfriend of the photographer (notice I haven’t made any gender assumptions about the photographer)
  5. Because she is the photographer and is using one of those self-timer things
  6. Because it’s actually ThunderThighs, who has thus unwittingly revealed the complete inappropriateness of her username!
  7. Because all the men were too scared
  8. Because the people who provide the photos are all sexist misogynist b*stards who don’t even deserve a seat at the table
  9. Because the guys are all out picking more citrus fruits for her destructive citrus killing spree.
  10. Because the rest of the crew is under the table … and that’s why she’s smiling so much at the cutting board

Pretty brilliant, if semi-obscure Hitchhiker’s Guide reference, for those who were wondering.

I guess the powerful food processors are for generating crumbs of angel food cake.

My boyfriend’s family uses this coffee maker and it’s pretty good. Although I think it holds less than 12 cups or their cups must be tiny.

A tall travel mug doesn’t fit unless you’re angling it in.

There is a light that comes on while you’re getting the coffee so you can see how much is going into your cup. Useful to those who have darker cups so you see where the coffee is filling up to.

LOL amazing possibilities.
Gee, I didn’t even notice her , but you made me go back and take a look .

ETA: But why does she have a red pepper with all that fruit. That seems rather evil don’t you think ?

I own the 2-slice toaster (not the toaster oven, darn it wish it weren’t sold out!)…anyway back to the toaster. I couldn’t be happier with this toaster. It includes a bagel setting that really does a better job of toasting split bagels than a regular toaster. I also appreciate the “cancel” button that pops up the item ahead of the finish time if needed. It has a reasonable footprint and stores easily in my cabinet. Also, the crumb tray is sturdy, catches the crumbs better than most toasters’ do and cleans like a dream.

Coffee cup sizes with all (I think) coffee makers are around 6 oz. Leftover from ancient times when we all drank coffee in those dainty cup-and-saucer serving sets. So, since we now all drink out of 10-12 oz mugs, two cups per the coffee maker equals one serving.