The Art of the Matter: What We Look For and What Our Customers Want


Hey there, aspiring (or actual) shirt artist! Welcome to Woot. If this is your first time here, it might be helpful to start with our quick introduction to the Shirt biz, and this crash-course in our our SHIRT-losophy. But if you’re good, we’re good. On to the art!

Look. We get it. Making good art takes time. And figuring out what resonates with customers can take even longer. There’s no substitute for experience, but here’s a little cheat sheet to help you through that learning curve a little quicker. We’re always on the hunt for:

  • Clever designs with plenty of personality and wit
  • “Of-the-moment” art that reflects the pulse of pop culture and trending topics
  • Designs that appeal to nerds or geeks or gamers or bookworms
  • Artistic designs that can be dressed up
  • Edgy art that flirts with the *line without crossing it
  • Cute designs with 1.21 jiggawatts of “SQUEEE”
  • More. Don’t feel penned in by this shortlist. We certainly won’t. We’re always on the hunt for great work, regardless of the category. So show us what you’ve got!

Now get busy. We can’t wait to see your work!

*In case you’re wondering, here’s the line: No curse words; explicit or sexual images or language; no plagiarized or pirated material, and no likenesses of public or private individuals (unless as caricatures or parodies… those are cool).

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