The Art Of Today

Most of this is terribad, as expected. Even those which might be decent have such tiny images that we can’t tell. No wonder no one is buying. How about some hi-rez?

You have your little cutesy wise cracks, but extraordinarily absent on description. That’s why I don’t buy more. So, is this a roll up poster. Is it mounted on board or what? Think its time to unsubscribe your annoying site.

I’m happy to help if you let me know which piece(s) you’re interested in.

Dear those who are too lazy to think,

It’s a Giclee print. It’s made on an inkjet printer. In the description they state " art will arrive in a tube." So let’s recap; it’s a matte poster that will arrive rolled up ready to frame.

No disrespect intended, and I really like the Lennon print, but Anne Hathaway looks like she accidentally kissed the toaster.

Jeez, that header picture is misleading. I thought they’d be canvas, especially for the price, but sure enough the fine text says they’re just rolled up posters. Glad I read the discussion first.