The Art Of Yale Gurney

You can always contact me directly for personally signed images on an array of mediums.

You serious… I should start selling the shots I have taken with my Fujifilm X-T1… I even had positive comments by Bruce Gilden himself…

These are nice examples of the urban/industrial style and the Andy Warhol pop art style. The prices are very reasonable for what you are getting. Every jerk with a camera thinks he’s a fine art photographer. Not true. In their dreams maybe. Nice pieces here, if you’re into these genres.

Criticizing art is good. So are compliments and I appreciate all comments, in general. Both make me want to work harder at being better. Ideally, I’d love to win the critiques over but it doesn’t always happen - art is subjective. Heck, some may not even view certain practices AS art. It’s all part of what makes this industry work. So thank you all for taking a gander and caring enough to post here and know that I’m taking it very seriously.

The “Martplace” link is broken.

Sorry if I came out a little harsh and I agree with what you said about art. I do like the Reflects of Manhattan Bridge and the Paris Iffle Tower. The only thing that I want to know is that the picture you took of the artwork on the walls… Was that your artwork or someone else’s? Maybe someone you know and asked their permission? I don’t know but as a photographer myself I don’t think it’s right to sell someone else’s artwork for your own profit. That’s like if I were to take a picture of Banksy’s work and sell it to gain all the profit for myself.