The Artist

It’s a fine design. I’m just pointing out a predictable voting trend.

It definitely is more so than the two other winning shirts. I think it could stand to lose the tipped over paint can and the paw licking to help elevate it from cutesy stage… but you know, that’s my heavily biased opinion :slight_smile:

It is not hating, just frustration. We all have shirts we really want to win and for some of us, it seems like they never do for whatever reason. We just get cats and turtles.

Write up: “Now can we please chance the subject?”

Chance? Might want to fix that.

sorry guys, I’m a newbie when it comes to the shirts around here, but how can we see the 1st place/2nd place derby winners? can we order those shirts still, too?

You can order them. They are $15 each now.



HEY the artist hails from Great Falls, MT! I’ve lived there… there’s pretty much NOTHING THERE! :stuck_out_tongue: lovely part of the country though… absolutely gorgeous mountains ^^

thanks! is there a way to find these for each derby? because I saw the derby results but obviously, not all of them made it to print…

you know, it’s like that “give a man a fish vs teaching him to fish” thing

this design is definitely more “artsy” than “cutesy.” My top three picks all placed, which is rare. i think some of you guys just don’t like it because it’s a more feminine-looking design and uses the color pink. I’m sure it’ll be back to cartoony zombie ninja Star Wars designs soon, so don’t despair.

And penguins…by golly, do we get penguins.

Frusstration I get. I was miffed that the “Copy Cat” design got rejected because it was really the only design that I could see myself wearing. Not that there weren’t other cool designs in the fog, just that the one I was most likely to buy got axed.

The thing that irked me about the negative posts, and forgive me for not being clearer, was that the slam felt like it was more towards the voters and less on the design.

Hello and welcome to woot! To see a list of all shirts for sale at any given time, please click on the “reckoning” link found at the top right corner of every shirt.woot page. In order to learn more about how shirt.woot works, please read the shirt.woot FAQ. The easiest way to see all previously printed shirts, previous derbies, entries, and winners is to explore the fantastic user(the uber-mega-archi-awesome mr. bluchez)-created site Happy exploring!

I mean to an extent it was toward voters as the voters control what prints. Aside from that, I don’t like the design because it wasn’t well thought out. Why would a Siamese cat that has nothing to with Japan, be grouped with a Japanese icon? They are different cultures and represent two very different ideals in our culture. And then the cat licks the paint, which just seemed to make the design less of a artistic ideal and more of a cute twist on a cherry blossom shirt.

Besides the resources GT pointed you to, there’s also a great resource created by a community member that quickly links you to every derby and shows the winners and all the entries. Just remember that the only ones still for sale though are the ones on the Reckoning (Link in upper right of the page) or on the weekly sales that you’ll see pop-up on the front page. This week’s is the Adorable Edible Wearables and it ends at midnight tomorrow.

I agree. I’d like to see more comments on the designs even if you don’t agree with the voters. The artist deserves some feedback. IMHO.

For the most part, I don’t think people want to “slam” the artist. This IS a great design. Most of the frustration people express is going to be aimed at the voters. For example, I’m not going to get mad at someone for making yet another turtle/penguin shirt…that’s their bread and butter. But I’ll express my frustration with voters who vote for the same turtle week after week after week.

I loved this design and the other one that had a somewhat similar concept. I think I might have to get this shirt too - which means two for this weekend! I guess I’m a sucker for cats.

Yes! This was the one I wanted to buy out of this week’s fog, and I was starting to think it wouldn’t print. Third, first, whatever, just as long as it printed! In for one!

Thank you for your comments and votes everyone! I was really surprised when this hit the fog–and now a print?! Yeah, it’s more than one culture represented, but this is America, the great melting pot, right? :slight_smile:

Love the design but had to comment on the flavor text…

“Yes, dear, I will be sure to hang Mr. Fuzz-Fuzz’s 1st Place certificate in the living room just as soon as I get done lining his litter box with my Honorable Mention. Now can we please chance the subject?”

just out of curiosity, how do you chance a subject? Is that a gambling thing? Can I get in on the action? LOL

In for one~ SO glad this one got printed… I am going to feel like a crazy cat lady since buying all 3 shirts… I am a sucker for the cuter woot themes.