The Aviator



Penguins are always a winner.


*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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Is this really steampunk themed? I was expecting more kickass designs. :frowning:

edit: Corrected the theme. :x


Couldn’t click the “I want one” button fast enough!

In for one amazing flying penguin.


All hail is right. Welcome back, cho! Great design - I predict sellout!

Ahhh… first sucker again, and representin’ Minnesota!


The penguin is back and he’s got attitude! Congrats James. In for one!


nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh… BATPENGUIN !


yahoo im in the first page of comment


i am disappointed in the derby finalists. in fact the whole derby theme altogether is bad, imho.


Here is a video of some real penguins flying without the aid of a flying machine.

At least I think its cool. Even if the real penguins needed a smidgen of help from computers.


I wonder what the feathers are made of.


What happened to no flying penguins?


I REALLY liked the original flying penguin that got banned.

this one… meh…


Wow, that was not expected at all. Nice design , but, not the one i wanted. No words can express my disappointment. But to everyone that buys it, have fun?


Geez, 1700 votes??? Is that a record??

… and how on earth were 5% of the shirts sold on THURSDAY?


epic win, Cho!

Great job, and a sincere Welcome Back!


i really like that his hands are on his hips, he’s like “I don’t need these stupid appendages to fly!!”


I love penguins. I love steampunk. I love this shirt! :smiley:

Congrats, Cho!


Penguins are always love!