The Beast Drink Kooler

4 colors???

No question: This may be the dumbest thing on Woot this month.

cheaper for skin tone (parent company deals :slight_smile: Plus free shipping with prime…"The+Beast"+Drink+Kooler

But does it say ‘HULK SMASH!!!’ when you finish a beer?

wait the pictures show both left and right handed koozies, yet the options are just for colors. Which do i get… time is runnin…!!! Ahhhhh !!! Smash!!! puny internet!!!1!

“available in blue, green, tan, and red”

Woot hasn’t implemented full BBCode formatting. strikethru doesn’t work.

Numbers are hard. Fixed.

Well, since the can isn’t included, forget it.

Ooh, good catch - didn’t even notice that. Unless we get a set? Mod?