The Beer Belly!

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The Beer Belly!
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This is the best Woot ever. All alki’s need to get on this now. In for three. Early Xmas Gift idea…YES

Will it work with nacho cheese sauce?

What if you’re already fat? Asking for a friend. Yeah, a friend.

How well does this thing actually transport carbonated beverages (beer/soda)?

Yes, and how long before that beer matches your body temperature?

Strap it on your back??? lol

Check the reviews over on amazon, looks tempting, but I think I’ll pass on this one.

Is this even legal?

Amazon reviews convinced me to pass.

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The BeerBelly 200-001 The 80-Ounce Beer Belly

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Yes, the container is legal; think of it as a very bizarrely shaped beer mug.

The container is not a legal problem, but carrying a frosty beverage into some locations can be (e.g. open container laws). The container isn’t the problem, ready access to a hard beverage might be.

Stadium no-carry-in rules are typically private Codes of Conduct or House Rules and not laws; so interestingly, stadiums that sell alcohol probably are not places where a Beer Belly would cause legal trouble. It can get you kicked out, but typically not arrested (what if the Beer Belly was simply being filled by buddies who had bought “extra” beer?). If you’re unruly when security asks you to empty your Beer Belly, the behavior might prompt them to ask an onsite cop to arrest you, but the container by itself shouldn’t. .

I believe that something like this was popular back in the 80’s… The Bota BAG! Except now it’s a party in the front and business in back, like a reverse mullet. Unfortunately, I know from experience it will not hold a carbonated beverage, unless you remain very still! (And it bloats up like road kill in the desert sun if you do put a carbonated beverage in it.)

Do you really think they would let you in a ball park with a belly pack full of beer? I don’t know about the ball parks you go to but in the New York area, EVERYONE is searched when entering the park…EVERYONE! Beer is not really what they’re looking for but if you have it on your person, it will be gone and so will the neat bladder you’re carrying. And if you make a stink about it, you may spend one or 2 nights in jail for your troubles. Nothing here is the same since 9/11.

Do they make you lift your shirt? If not, it will just feel like a soft tummy when they frisk you.
Edit: I’m curious how it looks on those airport 3D scanners…

Suggestion: Winerack to wine.woot
Same company!

Don’t recommend any carbonated beverage in a water bladder. If you are dumb enough to buy it for that, then you get what you deserve.