The Best of Woot: Anniversary Collection (?)


just a question… What was that song thing posted on the front page? did anyone else get that? something about a truckdriver… Did I just totally miss the bus on something here?


In the podcast they said that the song will give you a clue as to the monday (it might have been sunday, I forget) woot. The podcast had something about 61" TVs…which I guess is what people have been asking for. I did think that the song was pretty funny, and woot did a good job with it. I’m looking forward to more of these podcasts…but I can’t get the dang itunes/rss feed to work for it. Sigh.


yes I agree that it should probalby be tv’s but, I don’t remember them telling us that this was gunna happen…


Unfortunately I deleted the song, but it said in the intro that if you listened to the song it’d give a clue to monday’s woot.


If you go to the Woot forum for that day, there’s a block that says “Podcast.”