The Big Crap Theory

The Big Crap Theory
Price: $5
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Unknown (Wednesday, Jan 21 to Thursday, Jan 22) + transit
Condition: Really Crappy


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Robots get another one. Its like 2009 all over again

Sold out before the page reloaded to update. Wow

this one’s for you woot!

I am done…
Constantly refreshing page and click I want one, gone. I got better things to do, like visit the proctologist. At least she says sorry.

This is CRAP.
What are they posting 1 bag at a time…
Forget this, not worth wasting the time, probably going to be chinese made crap anyway.
Amazon has RUINED woot.

Writing Crap haiku
F5 key getting workout
In cart but can’t buy

I refreshed the page a few times after the previous woot, but after clicking “add to cart” it was sold out. The whole thing took maybe 3 seconds.

… and this is why I haven’t snagged a crap bag in over 7 years…

It’s impossibrul!

I was also waiting for you bums to buy all of the refurbed receivers and boom…sold out INSTANTLY???

OK is there some way people are finding out the link beforehand? It is either that or very limited quantities [like <10] Because wow these are selling super fast. Faster than I remember in the past. These are selling out before the page even had the time to reload for me.

Refresh the community page, the next item shows up there faster then the main page updates at times.

Good point…is there a Woot Sniper like the utilities you can get for eBay auctions?

I managed to get this one. I am not a robot…or am I? No seriously, am I?

OK this time really seriously. all I did is refresh refresh refresh and click fast to buy (and always be signed in of course) there is no trick or secret that I am aware of. I failed every time since 7:00 AM NYC time you just have to be fast and lucky.

ProTip, hit the community page with the refresh, I got one this way. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you.

I just want one for my birthday… :frowning:

I got one earlier, just refreshing every 5 seconds or so after the last item sold out, and clicking through the next steps within 6 seconds or so. And had they not imposed limits, I believe I was on track to score another in this round. No robots, no luck, just be quick!