The Binge 5th Anniversary

Happy 5th anniversary to the best selling woot shirt of all time!

I already have this, but it’s on AA, and most of my womens AA shirts are strained across the chest. So it’s time to buy one I can wear without looking like I’m trying to find a man.

man the tanks are on aa but not the shirts… why oh why can we not get aa shirts back

As do I on a t-shirt. Hello Tank!

Come on Woot, The Binge is begging to be put on a 24+oz mug, not one of those tiny kiddie 11oz cups!

Love the mug!
Navy or Royal? Navy or Royal? Ugh…

There needs to be a baby bib!

Tuesday I wore my Binge t-shirt to work. The boss grabs a package from his desk - it’s his new Chocolately Night t-shirt.

Great minds think alike, I guess. :wink:

No long sleeve shirts?!

Glad I have my AA version. Is woot ever going to have quality shirts again?

I want this badly but i don’t like a 13.3" width across my estimated 19" chest. The picture tends to continue under my arms like my GO SPORTS t-shirt.

Any way to get just the iron-on at a slight reduction?

Plus i hear bad things about non-AA shirts. I think my GO SPORTS is a non-AA one. It is flimsy to say the least.

:frowning: Missed the coffee mug

As am I, maybe I should get this version too so I don’t wear out my good shirt.

I so do miss the AA shirts, it’s why I stopped buying shirts even if they have a great design which really sucks for the designer.

What is an AA shirt?

Why isn’t “Mug Shot” a mug option! Mugs for all the designs!

Coffee mug is already sold out? sigh

Would love to buy one… Woot should do this with more designs!


American Apparel.

My binge shirt from the original run was on AA. The re-buy was also on AA.

I can’t purchase this.