The Binge Mug

Slurpers Take Notice! All of the Woot mugs have their handles showing, meaning that the graphic(s) can be seen and enjoyed by either you (the slurper) or the person opposite you (if such a person exists). However, the beloved Binge Mug’s graphic is misplaced in the center, so that no one can appreciate it (unless there’s someone sitting directly to your left, if you’re right handed–we’ll leave it at that). After my purchase some time ago, I did write to Woot about this and they concurred, and they were hopeful that this would be corrected. By the looks of the mug’s photo, it doesn’t appear to have been corrected. This is a shame because it’s such a cool mug. Even hanging on my mug rack, poor OD’d Cookie Puss faces the wall like it’s being punished. Please fix this, Woot…it is one of your best mugs!

Hi there. Talked to the shirt team about this. Placement was by design because Binge looks better in a larger size. Placement away from the mug handle let them keep the design large enough to show details. That’s why the mug was shown at that angle in the photo - no handle showing.

Thank you for your response. I do understand why the decision was made to show it this way but personally, I sure do miss seeing the great graphic while slurping or sitting. Maybe I’m just too fussy…I’m sorry.