The Black Cat

Triple Cat Derby wins again! And congrats on your 3rd Derby win, Yazmoq! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

The good moody

So spooky, I see now why black cats get such a bad rap!

Narfcake, you should be pretty happy about this… unless you are going to go broke this weekend from buying shirts from Cat Shirt Woot! lol I do hope that nobody complains…* Halloween is a natural for cats, especially black ones!

*(And this from a dog owner! :))

I think the jack-o-lantern is the spooky one in this design. The black cat is just sitting there looking very wise. :slight_smile:

I’m scared of the moon. That IS a moon.

I would have jumped on this one for sure if it didn’t have the pumpkin in it. Black cats are my favorite, but the pumpkin limits it. Shame, I probably would have bought more than one.

Yazmoq is killing it with cats lately! Congrats on the print!

But…guilt (or sinister intent) by association…

that is the moon…look at it. it has craters/etc. without the moon the cat would not look so cool.

Yay @yazmoq!

Broke. Definitely broke.

Now to flip a coin. Heads is buy one, and tails is buy one, right?


Thank you so much everyone - for the votes, the comments and Woot for printing. I didn’t think this would make it, competing against such amazing designs in the Halloween derby.

Love this. Too bad it’s not long sleeved. Halloween gets cold in some parts of the world.

Stunning design. I would also love to see it as a long sleeved tee and a hoodie!

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

I feel the same. The cat is beautiful but I would like to be able to wear the t-shirt all year, not just at halloween.

Please make this a poster for next year! I’d love to hang this up for Halloween. As someone else said it’s beautiful but you just wouldn’t feel right wearing it except at Halloween. And I’ve already got more tees than I really need, so make it a poster?

Got mine today. Ordered Men’s Small, Standard fit (slightly boxy, a little loose). It is very small, like I may have fit in it when I was 12.

Oh man, sorry. Did you check to see if the tag definitely says Anvil and not American Apparel?

You’re also welcome to email with your order number and issue; CS can review any available options.