The Black Knight

BLACK KNIGHT: 'Tis but a scratch.
ARTHUR: A scratch? Your arm’s off.
BLACK KNIGHT: No, it isn’t.
ARTHUR: (Pointing to the arm on ground) Well, what’s that then?
BLACK KNIGHT: I’ve had worse. ARTHUR: You’re a liar.
BLACK KNIGHT: Come on you pansy!


Ni ni ni ni ni ni ni ni
Black Kniiight

NONE SHALL PASS up this deal.

I nominate Spiritgreen for a Quality Post.

Great mashup.

Anybody see the Martin Lawrence version?

Your Majesty, if I may have your attention. Starting at Small Forward, from Inglewood High, 2 time All County Conference Player of the Year, The Messenger from Normandy - Jamal Skyyyyywalker.



Congrats, man!
“Tiz but the night!”

Nice mash-up - this might have been one with multiple purchases for the full family back in the day.

Haven’t yet found a Woot shirt on which I want to spend $15 - $19. )c: