The Blood Moon

This is a thing of bloody brilliance

It’s really a beautiful shirt! The depth is intriguing and the detail is gorgeous.

The stuff of nightmares! Particularly like the way the bats cascade down to make the skull look cracked, awesome job :slight_smile:

Great EC! Spooky and clever. Dracula inception!

Beautiful, Steven. A triple optical allusion? Nosferatu would be proud.

Congrats Steven! Perfect for Halloween!

Thanks everyone, and thanks woot for the Editor’s Choice! It’s times like these that help me B positive. The derbies can make me go a little batty, but an editor’s choice certainly doesn’t suck. Vampires.

Been a couple years since I’ve purchased a WOOT tee. Drakxxx got me back on here for this last derby. I liked this one so I picked one up this morning. Showed my lady… she wants one too lol. +2

Glad to hear it! Posts like these are what drive me to keep creating.