The Blue Box

Now that’s a box full of purr-fect on the darn cute scale.

Purrfect companion shirt!

I can’t decide what my favorite thing about this design is…oh WHO am I kidding it’s the kitten wearing the fez.

I think this should be called Schrodinger’s Tardis.

Careful! The definition of Bee Oh Cee may change to box of cats.

Where’s the grumpy grandpa…lol…oh sorry did that HURT?

Why did it have to be cats? You can’t just take 2 things you love and put them together! Beer and street racing, wife and woodchipper, it just doesn’t work! Dr. Who stands on his own. Only human companions allowed in the TARDIS!

What about tin dogs?

Not to mention various non-human humanoids.

Oh man oh man oh man oh man oh man that is just TOO AWESOMELY PERFECTLY FANTASTICALLY glkd’gohlwehg’awek!!

All the cute. ALL OF IT.

I want to go wake my Dr. Who and kitten loving 12 year old up RIGHT NOW and show her the cute RAWRGH

must order and keep secret for fear of constant pestering

Figures there would be a Tardis shirt (and a cat shirt) in the top 3.

All it’s missing is the sonic scooper :slight_smile:

Great shirt! Love it!

It took a while to spot him, but I just followed the long striped scarf back until I found Tomcat Baker. :wink:
(You never forget your first cat Doctor . . .)
Good thing K9 the robo-Companion isn’t around, though!

First, I doubt that you love your woodchipper. Second, your line “Why did it have to be cats?” Has just inspired some t-shirt artist somewhere to draw “Indiana Jones and the Cat Box of Doom.” Nice going.

I thought that by now I’d see someone complain that there’s only 10 cats. Further, I figured someone would have determined which Cat Doctor was missing…

Oh my head, the cuteness! Only thing better would be to wear while climbing on board with #10.

There are 11 cats.

Can we start a petition to get this on a tote bag, because I would be all over that.

I just bought a shirt last week with a very similar design, but this one is cuter! I’d buy a tote bag in this design, but I’ve already reached my tardis/cats dressed as the doctor t-shirt limit, sadly.

Yay! Finally a win for a shirt I really wanted!

And thanks to “rattieonwhe…” on the thread for this entry for IDing all of them. Here’s a repeat for anyone who still needs it:

"In the box: the white cat is #1. The dark grey cat next to him - with the scarf - is #4, while the dark grey cat with the umbrella is #7. The yellow cat with the bow is #6, the yellow cat with the little green thing (celery!) is #5, and the light grey cat is #11.

Outside the box, the orange cat with the watch is #8, the white cat is #3, and the dark grey cat is #9. The orange cat with the glasses is #10, and the yellow-and-black cat is #2 (the thing he’s holding is a recorder)."