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$80 for a generic refurbished ereader seems high. The Kindle and Nook have been sold refurished for $99 on Amazon and B&N.Both have much better reviews and customer service.

My wife and I own ereaders, and can’t live without them.

The above link is a returned 3G nook for $139… Tis Woot deal is probably really good (but I haven’t experienced this specific model)

Cool, I’ve been looking at eReaders for a while.

Decent amazon reviews as well

Product website:[link][/link]
Some reviews

My first thought was “I just spent $104.99 on a Sony eReader and I could have had this? Preloaded with 150 books?” But then I looked at the picture of the thing close up and look at all those buttons…how could you hold it without accidentally pushing a button on the keyboard or one of those 4 big buttons on the side?

I’m still glad I ordered the Sony :slight_smile:

Great review for this Augen… Might help some people make decisions.

What OS is it running on? Any chance to hack it for more software applications?

Is your sony ereader a colored one? for $105?

And the thing about Nook is, you can hack it to make it a full working Android OS… which opens up a lot of functionalities.

New unit on Amazon is $100. Why should I buy this one with "90 Day Woot Limited Warranty " for only 25% discount for a refurbished one?
Am I missing a deal here?

If you want an eReader for the purposes of reading books, you want an eReader with eInk. Pass on this deal.

Consider the Nook (not color), Sony (350), or Kindle 3.

Also consider waiting for eInk Triton, color eInk.

I got one for $5 less @ menards black friday sale. and it’s pretty good, some minor problems, and one major annoyance, it can’t follow links in html ebooks!

It plays video nicely, however the interface for video and mp3 control is pretty bad.

It’s definitely running linux, I haven’t found how to “jailbreak” and install other stuff yet.

I did manage to find a terminal mode with a > prompt but it wouldn’t respond to any commands, I could type & it echoed back. I had to pin reset to get out of that mode.

The screen is sweet, and my opinion is that overall for the price it’s a good deal.
I’ve looked at the e-ink and I think I prefer the backlit LCD, it’s faster and crisper.

I will keep googling for hacks for it, I can hardly wait till someone opens it up.

Oh, one other “problem”, it can’t connect to a wifi with a hidden ssid.

No, it’s the refurbished one that Woot sold last Sunday. It’s not the latest model, it’s the PRS600. It got decent reviews though and I like that I can’t impulsively order every book I hear about :slight_smile: Unlike the Kindle, I can download library ebooks too!

It just shipped today, I should get it next week. I chose the red one. It didn’t sell out so look for it on the next Woot-Off.

Found a hack site for it,

Not too much yet but at least it’s a start.

YouTube review here:

And a slightly more boring one:

If you’re looking to buy now, you must make a choice between e-ink, which admittedly is a newer, superior technology for viewing text, and color, which today’s e-ink doesn’t have. It seems to me that the choice is a no-brainer for reading books - viewing a few plates in color does not justify losing the advantages of e-ink (reduced eyestrain in particular).

However, if you’re planning to read a lot of color documents, then this kind of reader may make sense. Some academic documents have a lot of color charts. But I’m thinking of my son’s avocation - he loves to read manga. Reading manga or comics in black and white is like kissing through plastic.

And at this price, a manga fan can buy this now and still await color e-ink technology of the future.

I have the Sony Reader Pocket Edition (which I actually carry in my pocket) and I love its e-ink display. However, it’s impossible to read PDFs from scanned sources where the text is like an image and the words cannot be selected. I tried software solutions to trim the margins but they process was a pain and the result still difficult to read.
I read in one of the reviews that large PDFs take a long time to load, but the reviewer did not elaborate more. I wouldn’t mind splitting a large PDF into smaller files.
. Since LCD ebook readers are faster than their e-ink counterparts, does anyone have experience using this reader with scanned PDFs? How well can you zoom in and pan across the page?

eInk is wretched. 16 shades of gray, pretty low resolution, miserable refresh issues. The only advantage is that you can read it in the daytime, but any decent color screen allows that. I know some folks are willing to make that compromise, but the market really needs to stop supporting it so manufacturers are forced to innovate and create something without all those problems.

If you’re going to sacrifice the e-ink, you may as well sacrifice the weight and get a small laptop computer, I think.