The Book by Augen – 7” Digital Color eReader

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The Book by Augen - 7" Digital Color eReader
$69.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Cool roomba

Just paid $10 more about a week ago for a device with two screens and not just one. Hm.

Yeah, BUT THIS IS REFURBISHED! what a deeeeeal

Video Review


Reviews don’t seem very good for this.

“I have just purchased this ereader and my final veridict is that its going back to the store the very next day. As a ereader it seems it can tackle the task of displaying words on the screen but once you try and load a big file say 73mb of a pdf book and it will load one page at a time taking about 6 sec per page. As for the internet it takes so long to load any page. The only page it loaded in less than 5 sec was just because of its simplicity. The screen is nice and bright but it hardly supports any picture files. Dont try mysic or movies, the infantile settup and dysplay makes it seem poking at roadkill would be more fun. Please dont waste your time buying this product I will try and put a youtube review by sunday 7/16/10 titled Augen the book review or something around those lines. Again Do not waste your time and money on this!!”

found here:

I guess i’d have to read before I could enjoy this woot.

Also known as Woot-off Killer by Augen

Are you trying to stop the Woot-Off?! Post the bad reviews LATER! :smiley:

Aarrg…everything before the mouse pads took forever to sell but the pin up girls are gone as soon as I hit the payment button!

So this is a nice remote control to replace my Pronto.

I was hoping they’d have one of those on this wootoff. I’m guessing that this will be it though. Isn’t this cheaper on Amazon?

Got one of these the other time they were here. Only good thing I can say at all about it is that for some reason it plays movies and music well - but so far as an e-reader or internet access is concerned, you might just as well try to do these same things with a paperweight. I’ve been everywhere I can find to go on the net, and only found one person whom intended on cracking it, but apparently gave up due to lack of interest and a refusal on the part of the manufacturer to provide it’s source code. If anybody out there at all has a way to improve on it’s firmware, I am sincerely ALL ears!

The Crap by Augen - 7" Digital Color eFail

Don’t waste your money, plenty of better options out there. Rooted eNook Color comes to mind, or even HPs discontinued Tablet that was selling for ~$99

anything Augen I have (tablet/netbook) is cvap

ive heard that the referbish actually resolved many of the issues that you are reffering to. The review i read said that it is greatly improved, and i have seen them retail for 200+. It looks like a deal to be. you should buy three, then buy three more untill it sells out and we can see something that is actually worth buying.

Would you be willing to try again, this time with a nice Augen mouse pad? It’s not as colorful, but it’s more, uh, rectangular.

Ill give you 75 for the disembodied hand. Keep the eReader.

Me too :slight_smile: now if they would only ship it… :wink: