The Book by Augen – 7” Digital Color eReader

well this is going to be here for awhile. time for a nap.

CNET Liked it, but CNET readers not so much.

Augen??? 7"??? Really???

It looks so…archaic.

ARGH!!! They are not moooooooving!!!

Boy, that’s not PC!

Woot wants to wander out some 5-pack omnimount speaker mounts. One day I will catch them on a Woot off.

Save your money fellow wooters, nothing but problems with this reader. Thought I would save some money and picked one of these up, problems, problems… locks up and needs to be rebooted.

Doesn’t look like the users of cnet like it much

3 brain transplants?

i have an extreme yearning for cake

Does this have a MicroSD slot?

Some specs and a review on

I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal labotamy! YA! I’ve been drinking!

I estimate there to be 27. Since only one person has purchased these so far, and they bought 3, and judging by how much the bar moved, I conclude 27. Gettin’ there!

I bet this will be like last time. Change over at midnight to regular woot. And no B.O.C.

So those of you still wanting to be the first to Woot, now’s your chance!

So maybe only 7 or 8 total, with one sold so far?

Just found it got a 1 1/2 star rating on CNET

Its got a full size SD card slot.