The Book Was Better

The chronicles of riddick (game) was better than the movie.

Also: novelizations OF movies/games - try and find one that’s better than the original.

It might help to know I royally and absolutely suck at playing FPS and do not enjoy them much at all. Unless I feel like being easy kill bait for the other players. Therefore from my perspective the Goldeneye movie is so much more completely awesome in every way than the video game. Beside, Pierce Brosnan. In a suit. So much better in film than in 64 bit pixels.

I have a feeling this thread will be quite filled up with conflicting opinions and differing p.o.vs. I love most of the Mario games, but I could argue that Super Marios Bros the movie was such a bad movie that’s what made it a fun movie, if you’re in the mood to watch a so-bad-it’s-good movie. Again, I say, apples to oranges.

To each their own, I guess. Jurassic Park is actually one of my examples I use when I say the book is always better than the movie (see also: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy). Michael Crichton is descriptive, gruesome, and intelligent. The movie was fun, but it was none of those things.

Stardust. The book is good, but it feels less than fully realized, as if Gaiman wanted to throw down a great idea but had too many other projects to fully flesch it out. The movie is fantastic.

Children of Men. The book was boring and (IMO) took itself way too seriously. The whole time I was reading it, I was just annoyed at the author who was so obviously trying channel Oscar Wilde, and doing a very bad job at it.

The movie, while not the best, was entirely better than the book. Probably because the only thing they had in common was the basic premise.

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Never read the book but did watch the movie and was only mildly entertained only because I previously watched an Outer Limits episode(Dark Rain) that relied on the same premise(probably inspired by the book but came out before the movie). The experience was reminiscent of my enjoyment of the film, “Battle Royale” then randomly viewing the film, “Hunger games”. Ugh.

To stay on point with the argument at hand, I guess one could make a case for the video games, “Dante’s Inferno” and “Dynasty Warriors”. I have to admit to never reading the complete literature of the two epic tales those video games pertain too, but was at least inspired to read the cliff notes after playing them.

I would also argue that Lego: Lord of the Rings was more entertaining than the books (though I do own/enjoy all three-- books, film, and game).

Fight Club and the The Prestige were both better movies than books (although the books were really good).
As far as video games go, anything that Uwe Boll or Paul W. S. Anderson has directed were better as video games. I mean, seriously. Mortal Kombat? Far Cry? Garbage movies, but excellent games.

MJ is right. Blade Runner the movie didn’t even have one electric sheep in it.

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“Blade Runner the movie didn’t even have one electric sheep in it.”


I teach Hitchhiker’s Guide, F451, The Lord of the Flies, and The Scarlet Letter and I have to warn students not to watch the movies because they are so horrible. However, The Great Gatsby (with Robert Redford, though I bet the upcoming DiCaprio version will be good) is great, as are the movies for The Crucible and To Kill a Mockingbird. I thought Dylan Dog was an excellent movie as well.

“The Natural” with Robert Redford is so much better than the book. That might be because I loved the movie before I knew the book existed, but the movie is excellent and the book is not. I think of that as the exception that proves the rule that the book is always better. =)

Eragon. The book was absolutely atrocious.

You have my sword on this one.

Lord of the Rings is fascinating, but very long and slow and Emyn Muil in one huge chunk is just a beast to read. It also has some less than modern racial undertones. The extended films are just great.

I’ve heard that the film “The Prestige” is better than the book it is based on as well.

Golden Eye is debatable, but how about Doom? Great game, ground breaking in a way. But as a movie? Total flop. I can honestly say I never fell asleep playing the game… the movie is another matter.
I have to give props to the LOTR movies. Not as good as the books, but way better than I thought they would be.

Oh, movie better than book = The Last of the Mohicans… the modern one with Daniel Day Lewis not the 1936 one. Also, great soundtrack.

I can’t decide which I like better, the shirt or the woot write-up!

As for a movie I liked better, it would be Compromising Positions. The movie had a better ending than the book, and it stuck to the main plot. The book had a few subplots which were OK, but I think the writers did the right thing by leaving them out.

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My votes for movies better than books:

Shawshank Redemption
Fight Club
American Psycho

LOTR’s movies were great! The books: WAY BETTER! But, then again, there is just nothing like the feel of a book in hand and even the smell of the pages.

The Three Musketeers and Gullivers Travels are two more books that I found to be better than the movies, but I do also enjoy the movies.