The bube toob

i see music threads, movie threads, but no favorite TV shows threads.

so what are yours? (past and/or present)

The Daily Show
I Love Lucy
Cowboy Bebop


The new Battlestar Galactica
Dark Angel

Here is a sample

Anime- To many to list.
Comedy/News- Daily show, Colbert Report.
Cartoons- Scooby Doo (old ones), Futurama, Family Guy, Sea Lab 2021.
Drama- Law & Order, CSI (Las Vegas only), NCIS.
Comedy/Drama- House, Boston Legal.
Sci-Fi- Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Battlestar Galactica (old & new, although the old ones are kinda boring), Dr. Who, Star Trek (most).

Forgot a few, might add them later, might not.

i like some anime… FLCL, Wolf’s Rain, Lain…

i forgot to list Boston Legal. great show

Grey’s Anatomy


The Office! Annnnd… Myth Busters, Dirty Jobs, Jeff Corwin, Two and a Half Men, Futurama, Family Guy, ATHF, The Muppet Show, Twin Peaks (ok, I have to watch the last two on DVD)…

Lots of Discovery Channel, History Channel and Animal Planet… I like either education or just silly entertainment. I set the tivo and catch them when I can. The only things I refuse to watch are those cop/drama/crime solving shows (CSI, Law and Order, 24, whatever…). Ugh, I can’t stand them for a second.

Fans of the greatest British TV show currently in production should watch this machinima re-make of a Top Gear segment.

Wow . . . July 7th to October 20th . . . quite a resurrection!!

i’m quite a person… in my presence the blind speak, the lame hear, and the deaf walk…

and here I thought I was the only one bringing the dead back to life

thank you

I never saw this thread in its first life. I like it.

For decades:

The Tonight Show

West Wing
Studio 60

it’s aliiiiiiiiiiive!

I see dead people

i see bread people

where did you get that picture. Its perfect!

The Office and Survivor.
oh and Gilmore Girls on Tuesdays.

Boston Legal

and my teen son got me hooked on 24. If you watch 24, here’s the new season’s trailer. Looks pretty good.

Law & Order: SVU

Blah, SVU is a little much. Murder is ok, but not sex.

blah - they’re showing the same episode they showed 3 hours ago