The Butterfly Defect

Okay, I have NO IDEA what’s going on here…AT ALL O_o

Congrats on another print so soon, Rachel! I love all the detail you put in pieces… you make it have such a wonderful flow.

Uh oh… Somebody call the National Weather Service! These butterflies are going to cause tornadoes all over the place!

PLEASE tell me that is Ashton Kutcher turned inside out because of some time-space ribbon he cut by accident.

What, did the town’s drunk Egyptian mummify this guy? That’s not where the eyes go, dude!

Is that an eyeball staring out from below the thumb? It’s totally freaking me out.

Those butterflies look to be “pollinating”, if you know what I mean…

x = this shirt

mildly disturbing < x < super disturbing.

So confused… Does this have something to do with the king midas touch since the butterflies seem to be spewing gold??

So very true…

“altogether ooky” covers it for me…and now I can’t stop humming the darn tune.

I kinda don’t like how the bottom part of the hand was treated, but overall it’s a wonderful design! :slight_smile:

Time for a commercial break…White: The other shirt color.

The bandages seem Escher-like. Apparently ancient Egyptians painted butterflies: I wonder if they painted this particular species, though.

All this time my science book had it wrong. unacceptable, really, considering how much I paid for it.

It’s amazing nobody’s said this, but the obvious interpretation to me is that the hand is made of cocoon and the butterfly are spawning from it, like all butterfly do

I really like the design but I don’t do white shirts =\

these butterflies’ name is vanessa. that’s why im’ getting it for my sister. her name is vanessa… oh, and because it’s beautiful… yay!

Bartender, I’ll have what Rachel’s having.

I’m freaking out, man!