The Butterfly Effect

*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race
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Fun shirt, good luck chogentry!

Its nice, but like yesterday’s I am not into butterflies. I was hoping for one with a spider or scorpion on it.

Love this shirt, congrats ChoGentry!

I knew this would be a print when it was submitted. Brilliant, intelligent and absolutely beautiful. Congratulations once again, tgentry and cho. :slight_smile:

;] i love this design.
in for one.

I’ll flutter by…

Actually, did not know this was on asphalt. Beautiful design, must now think if I want another asphalt shirt. Congrats you two.

Can’t wait to wear the hell out of this during the wet Seattle winters.
And my first shirt ever w/ butterflies, lol.

Whats with woot and butterflies now days

Congrats, you crazy kids. =)

Gorgeous. Now this is art.

Cho and TGentry, Grats again on a most stunning entry. I am definitely buying one.

I really love this shirt, but the butterfly’s are scaring me away a little. Maybe I will change my mind in the morning. That is, if its still around by then.

Kinda neat I guess. I think there were far more deserving entries than this one that could have got printed though.

do want

hooray more butterflies…no.

congrats on the win, very nice design. i was hoping for the bees though… maybe honorable mentions derby?

really cool design, butterflies are just a bit too girly for me to wear though.