The Cake Is A Liar

Score!!! My favorite.

For some odd reason this shirt doesn’t really seem funny.

Cool. I’m glad this one made it.

Neat, but seems really close to being a rip on Portal.

haha, this is awesome. if it weren’t for the color, i would definitely buy it. is the actual shirt the same color as the graphic? if it were a truer orange, i think i would get it.

I don’t get it… why is this funny?

Neat idea, but I don’t like the color.

Wow, surprised this made it?
Like as in off predicted…

But congrats to her! :slight_smile:

definitely a rip on portal



I liked both Sore Thumbs and Loved By the Sea (wore that yesterday), but I’m honestly not too big of a fan of this shirt…I’m not quite sure what kills it for me.

Oh well. 'Gratz geekfactor!

It’s a play on the recently released Valve game called Portal. You’d have to play the game to get it.

Love it. I’m in for 1 in a slim size 2X!

Heh, totally guessed this would be tonight. For those confused about this, like I was, read my blog entry here I put a link to the eerie ending song up too. Interesting game.

kind of lame and unfunny

haha i like the “aperture” reference in the description.
though i did get somewhat nauseated watching portal… those weird physics hurt my brain.

I’d pay 5 dollars for it. I’d pay 10 if the Cake is a liar part wasn’t on there.

The portal reference is awesome. I’d prefer a weighted companion cube shirt, though (and one that’s less orange).