The Cake Is A Liar

i was at the payment screen, UUGGHHHHHH why thou tempest me bunches of carrots, whhyyyyy! lol

Nice to see this again!

Received this shirt in my very first BOC . It was too small so I gave it to my cousin. For Xmas this year, she gave me the hoodie :slight_smile:

Awwww I was still trying to figure out which catalog t-shirt I wanted but was taking my time because there were 20 minutes left. And then the catalog tees ran out.

Not cool!


Yeah, I’m wondering what’s the point of running the catalog sale for an hour when we can’t buy anything for at least the last 15 minutes of it. Take the damn thing down already, Woot!

I had to ask- apparently there was a blip there while we were updating the daily quantity we’re able to print digitally. We upped it a bit for the sale but not in time to miss the screen that professes you’ve been cut off.

If it’s any consolation, we’ll be having them $15 for a while still, I think the catalog still has some quantity left if you want to get on it today, otherwise it’ll reset every day at midnight CT.