The Candy Basket Chocolates Assorted Fudge - 3 Pack

The Candy Basket Chocolates Assorted Fudge - 3 Pack
$21.99 + $5 shipping
CONDITION: Chocolate
1 16 oz. Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge
1 16 oz. Walnut Chocolate Fudge
1 16 oz. Traditional Dark Chocolate Fudge


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Booooo. Nuts.

Aw, fudge - how do I resist this?

I’m surprised to see these are filled with artificial processed junk like trans fat. Isn’t wine.woot supposed to be providing gourmet food, not industrial crap?

Too soon! My belly isn’t over the caramels yet. The peanut butter fudge won me over though.

finally! i always thought wine.woot would be useless for me because i dont drink but now i see the error of my ways! im all for chocolate!

$9/lb seems outrageous.

hmmm nobody from Oregon has bought this local product yet??

I’m a little put off by all the non-organic and artificial ingredients e.g., artificial flavor, natural flavor, blue 1, dipotassium phosphate, (most likely GMO) corn syrup, etc. Come on, people now, smile on your brother…

Not that there isn’t a lot of junk in these still, but it has 0g Trans Fat for all of them.

I agree on the artificial ingredients. I know there is a more natural way to make fudge both for local buying and shipping since there’s a company near me in Connecticut that does it so IMO there’s no excuse for trying to pass off low grade junk to customers here who expect gourmet food.

The above goes double for something labelled “traditional” fudge, even if you need a small amount of preservatives, which is questionable, there’s no excuse for it to have coloring in it.

Wow thanks for the heads up guys. I was just about to dive into this, then read your comments and the ingredients list. I had the same assumptions about the quality of ingredients in products listed on

I’m sure there are people this kind of thing doesn’t matter for, but you guys just saved me from a big mistake!

I dunno. For me, fudge is a vice. I expect it to be baaaaad for me, which is why I only eat one piece at a time, and not every day (when I have some). Maybe I should be more concerned about the ingredients, but mostly I want it to taste goooood.

Yum I like all of those things if thats what made those salted caramels so good i’m in for a couple of these!

Geeeezz…what a bunch of yuppies. It’s FUDGE for gods sake!

Oh no! It’s got Monsanto GMO corn products in it! Run for you’re lives!


Huff On This

When the giant mutant corn beasts come for your saturated hide, we’ll see who’s first against the wall, man!

Gifting? What if I want one myself and one to gift? I didn’t see any way to split to different addresses and you can only place one order. It’s all or nothing?