The Cap'n

The Cap'n

The Cap'n

You have been invited to the Cap’n’s table. Croissants are optional.


love this. i guess i’ve been assimilated. +1

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I still can’t quite believe that next month we get the first new Star Trek story set after Nemesis. I know I sound like old Rose from Titanic, but … it’s been seventeen years.

In seventeen years we’ve only had prequel shows and the JJ timeline.

On Jan 23rd 2020 we get back to Picard. Data(?). Seven of Nine. Whatever remains of the Romulan Empire. Hugh and the changed Borg. The future of the future!

Oh, please be good.

Thank you so much everyone who voted, for making it so!! I can’t wait for the new series.

I hope you enjoy the shirt, I’m fuzzy on what days the winners print now…