The Captain And Chenille (Braided Rugs)



Area rugs! I love my hardwood floors, but when things get chilly I really am glad for a few area rugs. How about you?


Are these good rugs??


I get these type of rugs for my cats. They’re great for their claws and they like sleeping on them.

But, gotta say, the low price makes me think they’re not going to be that durable and will easily get torn up.

Anyone have any experience with these? It is a killer price if they’re at least moderately durable.


Any washing instructions?


First thing I thought…cat scratching rugs. My 5 cats would have these shredded in no time.


My landlord tells me that for my enclosed porch I need a synthetic fabric rug. I assume polyester chenille is synthetic… but will it last on an enclosed porch?


“It really tied the room together.” The Dude


This seems to be a better offering than the $400 range of ‘foreign’ rugs Woot offered recently, but until we know more about the quality of construction on these Chenilles, then I recommend doing more research before you take the leap.


Are these rugs machine washable?


Does anyone know if they will be selling these rugs again?? They sold out so I wasn’t sure and was curious???