The Carpal Tunnelizer


#2*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race
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nevermore will i call a game shirt killer.
i would lol at its killerness, but not call it killer.
no nevermore.


I thought the power symbol was forbidden?


L O L!!! This is funny! Great job ApeLad! Now, what’s the combination to turning on the light?


I believe that only applies to contest entries (as in the derbies)


LOL, good name. Totally have it. Got too many shirts though, plus not sure I’d wear the color either. But nice! Nay for me in the end.


OH man this totally reminds me of a recurring dream I used to have when I was little…this strange orb just like this one floating down my street, like the aliens were watching us…just for that I might have to get one :wink:


Defender does not have too many buttons.
And it is the greatest video game of all time.


Think you’re off by a day… refresh and try again.


This is, if nothing else, better than ApeLad was. And there’s actually, last I knew, an arcade in a nearby mall.

And as always, we know you wanted the 4th place shirt. Ain’t gonna happen. I thought the top 3 sucked too, but it ain’t gonna happen, so shut up.


Nice, it’s like a Katamari controller :stuck_out_tongue:

In for it


at least it’s not on ASPHALT.


I don’t think he is off a day…Nevermore! is now a filter for laughing out loud :slight_smile:


actually, it has happened in the past. pay attention.


my gf thinks i should get it since i’m a gamer… hmmm…


He wasn’t saying “Nevermore!”, he was saying “L**OL”. It was filtered. =)


I loled at the “v” button for some reason. Like they ran out of other letters to use :slight_smile:


Lol nice reference peppersabaddog :slight_smile: That was a great shirt yesterday. This one is pretty sweet too.


Oh snap! :omg: heh