The Cat In The Chapeau

I tip my hat to this fine design.

Awesome design. Can we get it remixed on a black shirt? :wink:

Great spin on a classic.

The colors, the shapes, the beautiful line!

So brilliant, so charming, so endearing and fine!

I think-- I do think that this shirt shall be mine.

My cat would be in the hat. This one looks a bit to happy about it, too.

Somewhere, there is a tee with a goldfish on it, annoyingly pointing out the dangers of mixing alcoholic advertising with children’s books.

Stupid fish.

For those who don’t speak French or are too lazy to Google Translate the write up translates to.

The Cat In The Chapeau
Kitty, do you want some food? Oooo look at you with your sweet little hat!!

I hate you

Awww widdle baby. Look at this string!!

meow. give it to me give me the string

Woop! It’s over here now!

How’d that happen? What is this magic string you brought into my home?

Ha! I made it disappear!

It’s you! I will punish you in the night for your impudence.

Oh, darn it, Kitty! You got hair all over my jacket.

It is now my jacket

I’d better put it away.

You will put the jacket down at once! Stop oppressing me! You do not know who I am?

Aww, come here. Lemme give you rubs on your widdle butt.

omnomnomnomnom. I’ll Spare you. For now


If I hadn’t just bought two cat shirts yesterday, I would be all over this like a kitty on a catnip toy. I may still purchase it from the, uh, cat-alog someday, or maybe not. I don’t want to be known as the crazy cat shirt lady :frowning:

Many thumbs up, fishbiscuit. I like a lot of your designs but this might be my favorite!

Congrats on the print, fishbits!

Not to nitpick, but shouldn’t it be “du Doctor” ?

congrats fishbiscuit5!

Little known fact, I like drawing cats. Thanks for printing this one, woot!

Even in another language… Cat shirts suck.

Hoping this design appears as a tote soon!

So fun- and bright- and completely cute- as the resident artist, I am going to need one of these for my school’s Doc Seuss day!

Grats on the print Fishy! You may be seeing another in a few days! :wink:

My memory of high school French says it should be “Docteur” as well.

Felicidades fishbiscuit5!

I second this!! I’d LOVE this as a tote!