The Champion

Slow and stealthy wins the race. Great design, Walmazan!

First sucker! I was hoping this would print. The Hubs LOVES it!

Now it makes sense ; ) and darn cute.

What’s with all the penises in the grass?

Happiest turtle ever.

And somewhere in MA a turtle named Zoya is chuckling quietly.

Thanks. Now I can’t “unsee” them.

The front one should see a doctor about that lump.

Weee are the Champions My Friend!!!

Loved the shirt, was going to order it. Decided to look at comments first because I thought they’d be filled with cuteness and laughs. Read this. Can’t order it anymore.

I feel like there was a missed opportunity to make the hare Usagi Yojimbo. Still like the shirt though

Congrats Wences, great faces on these guys. :smiley: