The Chart of Cosmic Exploration

Does this come with the frame that is pictured?

Buyer confirms no frame is included.

" Size 39’ x 27" "

I’m guessing that this is not 39 feet wide???

That would be correct. 39".

Sure would be nice to have the magnify feature for all the posters on this deal…

Yep. Kind of weird that it’s not available as the entire essence of the poster is in the fine details.

Edit: Here’s a link where you can see a lot of the detail. Neat poster!

Are there 2 different versions of this poster shown in the pictures…some show a trajectory between Neptune & Uranus and the other shows the trajectory around the two. The link below also shows two different versions of this orbit. Now Im doubting the accuracy/completeness of this poster…hmmm

Thanks. That helps a bit. It is a neat poster.