The Cheap Outdoors

So how do I choose a color? The page shows both a black and blue version.

How come there is a newly launched seller on Amazon called “Woot-Whl” that is selling a Geigerrig G3 hydration pack and many other goodies for $10,0000? Link I smell shenanigans!

I was hoping the G3 that is in this sale had an actual pack to it, but it looks to be more of a hydration pack than backpack. Unfortunately, I missed the last big woot sale that had them. That said, they all seem to have great reviews.


When you purchase the FireFly, both the black and blue versions are included in the box. Sorry this wasn’t more clear!


I highly recommend the 2 turkey blinds in this side deal. I purchased both the 1st go round. Last Friday was the 1st day of Spring Turkey season in MD and my 1st time hunting turkey. The gobbler I took down didn’t see me and we ate a good field to table pre-Easter turkey that same night. I’d post a pic can’t figure out how to do so without changing my FB profile pic or making my FB public. LOL! is an easy way to link to a picture without sharing your social accounts :smiley: