The Cheese is a Liederkranz Remix Pullover Hoodie

do the sizes run small/large/true?

I wonder if I can add shirts to the cart, then check out later today after all the woot-off events are done.

No, you have to buy the stuff now – otherwise some other wooter might get his/her grubby/clean little hands on it.

Who are they sized for? Adult, women, kids??
Any idea? I looked and I don’t see it stated anywhere. I checked their size chart hoping they only sold for one, either “men’s” “women’s” or “kids” But that’s not the case here. I’m afraid to buy and guess the wrong size

Oh man, I just missed out. Any way to get one of these?

Standard unisex sizing. I size down with the Gildan fleece sweatshirt/hoodies - MM here, but usually ML for the t-shirts.

Thanks, snabbed one before it’s gone :slight_smile:

Just got one when they went back on sale! Yes!