The Cheese is a Liederkranz

I bought this back when it first came out several years ago. More than a few people have mistaken the back of the shirt, where the mouse’s tail disappears into a portal, for a cartoon sperm and egg.

Yeah, I’m kinda not sure why the remix version isn’t the one being offered now …

I ordered this shirt a couple of weeks ago. The shirt I received did not have the mouse on the back. Called customer service and they sent a second shirt. Neither shirt has the mouse on the back. It kind of defeats the point of the shirt really.

Hi there. I’m sorry for the problems. The printing process has a manual aspect of the person placing the shirt on the printer. They’re not noticing that it’s a back print also and flipping over the shirt.

I’ve passed this on to the shirt team and CS for further assistance.

So is there anywhere I can buy this design anymore?

Probably sometime in the future when we work out some kinks with 2-sided prints. :frowning: