The Chocolate Cow Peanut Butter Cups (18)

The Chocolate Cow Peanut Butter Cups (18)

The nearly $25 per pound price is more than the price of a prime cut of steak or lobster. How is sugar and peanuts worth such a price.


It’s all those years of research, ‘trail’, and error.

trails are expensive

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There’s a typo in the write up. I was being funny…

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One’s already broken in the display box.

I can’t find an item weight anywhere in the listing or photo. For all I can tell these are the size of miniature Reese’s cups and you’re paying $100 per pound.

Some googling turned up a previous discussion of these, in which a rep from The Chocolate Cow stated that the cups were “approximately 2.2 ounces each (approximate because they are hand made).”

That means you get nearly 2.5 pounds in the box of 18, which puts the price in line with other hand made high end chocolates.