The Christmas Woot


Will there be a christmas woot!

has there been in the past ?

what will it be if anything…


well, there is a woot every night…
but if you mean a woot-off?? i just don’t think they would do that because it takes up 2 or 3 days
and then if you mean a bag of crapola… than maybe… yes, that would be quite nice.
BUT… i might miss this one like i missed last one. this one i would miss because i would be doing the last minute touches for the kids.

so basically good luck. looking for your christmas woot


I’m dreaming of a woot christmas . . .


The Christmas Woot will be a Yule Log. This log will come to you ready to use. That means that it will be burning when you get it. So, please be sure to wear oven mitts when you take it out of it’s shipping package.