The Classic Style Of Coke

I was about to push the button and buy the Frozen Beverage maker but decided to click over to the mother ship to check reviews. Found it there for only $30. Hmmmm.

Oh. Coca-Cola.


Aside from being two totally different items.

Unless they have the same model number on two different machines, the FBS400COKE is $10 cheaper on Amazon.

Not to mention the same dimensions, weight, and pictured item. Let’s face it, it’s the same item cheaper on Amazon, and elsewhere.

Wait, why am I throwing in my couple of pennies?-- I don’t even like Coke!!

Same theory applies to the hot dog roller machines. Two here. They look identical, and they are $2 apart in price. Fishy.

I never did get the idea of paying money to display some company’s advertising. Just me, I guess…

My first Woot disappointment. I was shipped the wrong item.

Instead of receiving the Coke hot dog roller, I got a Coke Pop-up Hot Dog Toaster. And on top of that, the tamper sticker is not untampered.

What I got: not what I wanted.

I have no idea how this thing even works. How can you cook a hot dog in the time it takes to toast a bun?

I’ll be writing to Woot’s service email tomorrow AM.

There was a distinct difference in this Woot order than others I have made. It took many days to ship (unlike my Camelbak order today that shipped the same day), and the packing sheet was not a woot packing sheet. From this, I can conclude that the orders were delivered to a 3rd party who did the fulfillment. And that fulfillment was done poorly. I reiterate, I am disappointed.