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What’s the capacity of the mugs?

The Krups espresso makers get anywhere from horrendous to mediocre reviews at the Mother Ship. Shame. I have been looking for an affordable espresso maker.

A sure way NOT to sell mugs:
Don’t list the capacity or offer anything to give a sense of perspective.

Would it have killed someone to, like, drop an apple or something next to these mugs before snapping the photo?

Can anyone who bought the Fissler kettle in June or July confirm that it is made in Germany?

Question about Primula Cast Iron 28-Ounce Tea Pot, Brown- PCI-6328:

Can I use it on an electric stove top or should I only add preheated water?

Checking elsewhere, looks like eterna mugs might be 12 ounce and gusto mugs 12.5 ounce. Found at $ bed bath beyond.

You’re really not supposed to use it on the stove top, but on very rare occasions I will to reheat my tea. I’ve got an electric tea kettle that boils water and that works well. Often I’ll also preheat the tea pot with hot water from the tap while boiling the other water. An extra step, but I do love really hot tea!

Per Woot Staff:

**Gusto 12.5 oz
Eterno 12oz
Vivendo 14.2 oz
Veridico 14oz

I hope this information is helpful!

Yes, it is Made in Germany.

Stay away from the Cuisinart 10 cup Extreme Brew Coffee Maker, I bought one on Feb.11, and it was dead on May 15th. It has a 90 day warranty and was 4 days out, Conair was no help. It started out shutting off half way thru brewing a pot and kept getting worse up to the point it would only brew 2 cups at a time. On 5-15-14 it was completely dead and would no longer heat water. There is no gold filter (as advertised) with this either , it comes with a new coffee maker, but not a reconditioned one. This product gets no Woot from me.

Question about Primula PTRBB-2340 Set of 3 Tempo Teapots - Red, Blue & Black

Did anyone receive the Teapot yet? Did you get all 3 in the mail?

Yup, got one of 3, hopefully the others are en-route, but with only one tracking number and it showing ‘delivered’ it could be interesting.

Woot, these were a ‘set of 3’ correct?

Edit - I got the red one so far.

I got the blue one so far

I received a black one. I dunno what’s happening. I will send an email and see what happens.

Lmao, together we make a set of 3!


I only received the black teapot so far! Has anyone received a second and third one?? Not happy…

No there a few on this page that has the same problem as you and me. I think that Woot miss labeled the information. To me Woot needs to proofread everything they sell so they don’t miss lead people like me and every one else that bought the Primula PTRBB-2340 Set of 3 Tempo Teapots - Red, Blue & Black

Ugh. For some reason, some of the pickers in the Amazon warehouses (our inventory) separate our multi-packs. Drives us NUTS! We just want to stand over them with a ruler. NO! NO! NO NO!

Please email for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.