The Collector

Well, we now know that wirdou’s real name is Calvin.

You can run, little snowmen, but you can’t hide. This will happen to everyone who does not listen to Mommy!!!

I will never, ever look at a snowman the same way again, that includes the Burle Ives animated version. Thanks wirdou.

Wirdou spelled backwards is Macabre.

Congrats buddy, nicely done!

The carrot necklace is perfect.

ESPECIALLY the Burl Ives animated version!

Ffffrosty? WHY? WHY?

Oddly reminiscent of Kesha only with noses instead of teeth. I’m gonna build this if it snows!

If the shirt quality was what it used to be, this would be a no brainer. Sigh…

Is that how you kill snowmen? Take their carrot noses? Good to know. I’ll add that to my list.

zombies: slice/blow off head
vampire: stake in heart
werewolf: silver
snowmen: remove nose
pirate: walk the plank
ninja: …I’m still working on that one.

that must be the snowman Calvin tried to warn us about through his snow-art!!

That’s no normal snowman…
That’s Barbra Streisand

The “got your nose” game - not funny if you’re a snowman.

Don’t want this fella under my bed (or in it). Turning up the thermostat.

Congrats Wirdou, awesome work!

Frosty better stay frosty!!!

His teeth should have been carrots as well. That way, he’d bite off your nose with like thirty noses… and… yeah.

Nice work super creepy and love the painterly effect :slight_smile: congrats

Love this design.

Also love the summary. For any who might not catch the reference there, see

That was so quick!