The Complete Behrens Collection

This is revolutionary…

“filled with a revolutionary blend of 50% high-quality 75% white duck down and 50% polyester gel fiber”

it just doesn’t add up.

here is some info from Woot Staff:

“Whenever there is a “down” filled pillow, usually, unless otherwise noted, the fill is not 100% down, therefore the % of down needs to be called-out. In our pillow, the down is made up of 75% white duck down (the remaining 25% would be a combination of feathers, etc).
This “down” is then blended in a 50/50 blend with 50% of the fill being made up of the 75% white duck down fill and the other 50% of polyester gel fiber, thus making it quite the “revolutionary blend”!”

ah ok so using revolutionary math it’s actually 50%*75%=37.5% down.