The Conqueror Red Blend (4)

The Conqueror Red Blend 4-Pack
Sold by: Precept Wine
$64.99 $144.00 55% off List Price
2013 The Conqueror Red Wine, Horse Heaven Hills, Columbia Valley

Nice clue WD

Kind of an odd blend. I don’t usually see Syrah and Merlot blended together. Any debaters out there?

For those that didn’t see it:

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A blessed Passover to all that celebrate.

Chag kasher v’same’ach

Is WD giving us clues again?

It’s the same blend as the 2013 Canoe Ridge Red that I got in the Feb 15 offer in place of the Canoe Ridge Cab. From the info here, on the CR web site, and on the CR Red bottle, it looks like the differences are:
Aging: Conqueror 20 months, CR Red 18 months
Alcohol: Conqueror 14.2%, CR Red 14.8%
(The difference in alcohol seems odd, since they’re the same vintage and same blend from the same winery.)

Whatever, I just opened my second bottle of the CR Red, and based on its quality, I’m in for some of the Conqueror. I hope it’s the same or better.

Merlot and Syrah make a great combination, this wine is great tasting I can’t get enough of it