The Cookware Shop

I have some Lodge cast iron and it is goooooooooooood stuff.

Don’t understand the price on the Lodge Dutch Oven when it’s twenty dollars cheaper on Amazon.

The grill/griddle is the same price on Amazon also. Not exactly a deal.

I just ordered the same pot in red. Significantly cheaper on amazon… But either way a hell of a lot cheaper than le creuset!

I bought the 3 cuisinart skillets a while ago. I have been very happy. they are nice and heavy,heat evenly, and i have not had any trouble with the nonstick. I use the large skillet 2-3 times a week, light frying, burgers, bacon, saute veggies. I dont use metal utensils, but I have an inbred fear of metal on nonstick that I may never shake. My set had the glass lids tho. I really like the skillets and not bad for all 3. Better if they came with the lids. Ouch… bought em sept 12 last year… they have held up really well, but I only paid 60 bucks for em with lids.