The Cost of a Hero

The Cost of a Hero

Today is buy one get one free. There is no code to use, that I can see, so it only shows the price of the two. Do I have to buy 2 of the same shirt?

I give up–it must be my browser. I tried again thinking the glitch would be fixed–but no deal. Yes–I signed in with my prime account, but all I got was a blank page. Nothing shows if I try Amazon login. Darn–I wanted a free shirt! Guess me and Woot just aren’t compatible.

Hi there. Try logging out of woot and then logging in using the Login with Woot button.

Logging in at the cart will not work to recognize prime.

Lousy UX.

It would be funny if it said
“220/221 Whatever it takes”

Funny quote, great movie.