The Crap Remains The Same

Same crap here. Showed up in account, apparently accepted then DENIED with no expaination.

Curious to know why all of yours was denied also. Lets see if someone has an explanation.

My status shows, “Preparing for shipment”.

More boxes of crayons coming up, so good luck everyone!

I forgot the goat sacrifice to Sol Invictus. Such is life.

Thank you. This makes me feel better. I will accept lashings for then next 30 minutes.


Someone kindly explained to me that the denied happens when you hit the “Place Order” button and it sells out before your payment processes.

It sadly stays in the Stuff You Bought section which just serves as a permanent remider that you didn’t actually get it.


(Sigh) Well, at least I made it to checkout before I lost it. Earlier today it stopped me and told me to adjust the number I was ordering (I only had one in the cart, so I don’t know what that was about). This time I almost got it.

It’s been a long, dry crapless spell.

Is it just me or does the day go by faster when trying to win the Bag of Crayons?