The Crap Under The Stairs

got mine finally.

the crap commandments do say NO

My first woot and bam! Got it!

easy peasy.

First BOC since 2008. Feels good man.

Crap, I had to change my address and missed it. Ah well, at least it is in there for next time.

Finally, been years since I got one. Woohoo!

No, one in 7 full days

This has been the crappiest woot-off. Plenty of crap to go around. Got my first crap after 5 years of trying!

So they do. So they do. Oh well! One crappy bag is enough for my crappy expectations! Goodnight crappers!

Got one! And I was first!:DDD

My first Bag of Chiles in about 4 years of trying! Woohoo!!



“Thanks petrosrex, we’ll get right on that! Your order has been placed.”

“The Crap Under The Stairs”

now take down that stupid mystery hammock and put something real on sport!

Nope! As per the message you receive if you try to buy 2. “You’re only allowed to crap once in 7 days. It’s painful. But necessary”

The curse is lifted. I Scored a Crap.


My 10th Bastard Of Cthulhu! WOO HOOLHU!

Glad I woke up. Failed at every other attempt this wootoff