The Crapvent Calendar




the first picture has a link - but nothing under it . . . . . it says to return everyday for a crappy surprise - but I don’t see anything except the monkeys passed out and half a snowman.

never mind . . . . brain not working this early

Oh how fun!

I’m guessing every day they’ll add a few letters to the link that will eventually link to a boc?

Not every day. Some days they will probably sell some stuff, but yeah, that’s the general idea.

Intresting it is… Wootstalker got only two items from here… probably purged duplicates

Anyone else notice that Day 13 is missing from the calendar? Odd…

Seems like a person could guess the link when you get down to the last couple of days…but I suppose they’ll be adding more than 1 letter/number to the link per day, so maybe not.

So the first will be revealed in the NOG challenge… That’s what my crap brain interprets from the first picture

Go away red team, this is only for the Santa Sedition!

Im always up for shenanigans. Always.

And again, they’re doing something stupid I have no idea what to do. I click on day one, print out the address and am directed to some ad for vios/xfinity or something that has nothing to do with woot. What the he!! is the point!?

It looks like day 2 is a monkey having some hot chocolate and cookies.

Well they won’t make the final sale “live” until the final pic goes live so even if you guess it - it won’t take you anywhere.

Wow… Don’t these images have striking similarities… I love Woot for the mystery they create…

Wootstalker picked up more information than intended, and the other sales were removed for surprise purposes.

What time do the items get updated?