The Crapvent Calendar

Well that WAS a crappy surprise. Link to nowhere. Thanks, Woot! I can tell this will be a fun Crapvent Calendar! ha!

I saw that as well. I don’t understand why the numbers on the calendar above do not correspond with the icons on the days listed below. Hmmm…


so, what are we supposed to do?? i don’t get it! lol

Happy Holidays!

Dang! REALLY, REALLY want to play full time on Woot, but my mother’s house flooded over the weekend and I am on caretaker/insurance/salvage detail.

Is it sad that I am more interested in Wooting than in decrappifying my mother’s house. (Have you ever SEEN an episode of Hoarders?)

That’s what is happening to me.Plus the image is a tiny box in the corner of the monitor.

Does the fact that the image name is in HEX matter at all? Or am I barking up the wrong tree?

Let’s see how many people get mad this time round…

What time EST will the hints be released at? 1am EST? I hate how Woot releases new products at 1am EST when I’m asleep!

Who comes up with this stuff

for this and many other reasons are why i love this site.

Hoping to get the link when it goes live.

Looks like a tribute to The Binge.

What are we supposed to do?

So at 12noon CST, something will probably change on that first pic. Maybe we get a few characters to add to the Bitly address, maybe a link to figure them out. Woot will play with your head until you go insane, or die.

I think that’s probably it for Day 1. Just to let us know it’s gonna start with a link.

If this really ends on the 26th I might as well not bother, as I’ll not be able to get online much from the 24th-27th.


Hope there’s some goodies offered before the finale.

Ahh… I get it now, thank you.

How long did it take you guys to get leveled up? I posted a few days ago in 2 XP blogs and Voted in the XP Derby… I’m still a level 1-er

EDIT: Sorry, Disregard… Woot has it under control!!